Spring semester in SPb has already started

Good evening,

haven’t been writing any posts for a while, but now I ll continue. Well, as I already mentioned, I extended my studies here for one more semester. I came up with that decision because I found my English getting better and vocabulary larger. Here are some students which extended their studies as I did, but a lot of new students also. We have had already different intern.parties to meet each others.

My studies here started officially like a week ago, I have now a course called International Marketing in a World Gone Digital and actually the teacher is from Finland aswell. Tomorrow I have lectures and btw here in Russia on 23rd of February (this Thursday) is День защитника отечества, Defender of the Fatherland Day. It is like a men’s day and we do not have lectures then and on Friday aswell, because it is close to weekend.

With new students we visited Kunskamera (museum), which I found very interesting, but once you go there, it is enough for your whole lifetime. On the 1st floor there are something from the past decades from North America and on the 2nd there are more interesting things, like real disabled babies. Have to admit, at first when I was walking around there I thought they weren’t real, just a well made, but when the thruth became clear I was totally shocked.

And yes, there you can see some fetals without disabilities, so they have already born dead. On the left there is 9month old fetal, and then 8 and  7 and so on. Creepy, dont you thing so?!

After the museum on the way to the dormitory we stopped at Hermitage. It was gorgeous and the weather was very sunny and springlike.

Hope you all will have as beautiful day tomorrow as I had in that picture.

On the next post, I would like to write about my journey to pay the tuition fee… There is no place to go without adventures. Good night 😉