How To Spent Women’s Day

On 8th of March we decided to do something interesting. It was Women’s Day and we though it would be nice to go to some museum. The first option was to visit Hermitage, but as Women’s Day is considered as very important celebration- everyone has a dayoff and in the museum would be way too much people. Due to that we came up with decision to visit Grand Maket. The ticket costs about 400R, but it is worth it and it is very easy to get there from Nevsky prospekt. Just take metro till Moskovskie Vorota and then by feet like for 10minutes.

Well, in Grand Maket, there is the whole Russia in exact miniature. I mean there you can see trains, cars and car accidents, planes, military soliders, mountains, different achitecture and so on. It is so clearly planned and made that you will be astonished!

So, It is definitely worth seeing!! And btw one cool thing was that the lightning depends on the time: you can see different Russia’s cities in dayand nightlight.

And it is absolutely forbidden to touch anything in miniature!

“Я наказан” literally “I am punished” or something, but that is what happens if you touch miniatures- you ll be forced to stay in a corner.

But anyways, If you have a possibility to visit Grand Maket, do it! It is very interesting, and we were walking there like for 2 hours, because everything was so unseen and cool.

And then of course, cause it was 8th of March, we went to Hugs to celebrate and btw, there was one funny guy. All the girls of our company were sittin and then one random comes from nowhere and puts a card in front of me. Ok, I turned it around and found the text “Massage or Kunilingus” and then the name and phone number. Then I wanted to find out who gave that amazing card, and found out that the random guy has already disappeared. But well, it was funny, and btw right after the situation in the restaurant started song “Call Me Maybe”. Haha so in time. But well, that kind of Women’s Day. A lot of positive emotions. Thank you all, and mainly for the guy who left the message, and of course for the amazing saxophonist!