Time has come to let the new chapter begin..

Happy Sunday everybody

The semester has gone so fast, so many presentations, assignments and exams have been done during this summer/spring period. Now I have finally completed all studies from the 2nd course of my Bachelor’s Degree and I have about 133 ECTs of 210 ECTs behind. For the last year I ll have 44ECTs for both semesters  (autumn and spring ones). So I am planning to to do more than required, but we will see, because till now I ve found out that life can surprise you anytime 🙂

Before leaving, I had to pay the rent (of course) of the legendary 8th dorm r.401!! On 24th of June I will let my dear cozy room for new students. Kinda sad, so much memories got here, but well, they will continue my journey in pics. Also departure list (down below) was one of the thing I had to fill. There was a table which had to be signed by e.g. cleaning lady, director of dormitory and my exchange coordinator, just to make sure that all needed fees are paid and fine before lettin me to seek for new adventures 🙂

This year have opened my eyes and I have grown as a person so much. Before the exchange I red a lot of stories about exchange, where students wrote they have returned back home as a completely different person, more open-minded and with different way of thinking. I understood the fact but did not imagine the difference to be so huge. Well here we are. I want to say than you to all people who have joined my journey, all meetings were useful. Now I ll just continue my life further and lets see what is next, because the previous experience showed- I love adventures and if there is an easy way to solve something, NO, It is me- Adeliina, and of course, I choose the hardest one….. Somehow.

And want to say to all of you

The most of the beautiful things and memories I ve gotten here are not in the blog, I mean,  there is no passion for me in doing such things and there are so many other things to do instead of writing, especially when you r studying at the same time you rather spent your computer time for studies..

But please Dear students REMEMBER:

If you ever get possibility to go for an exchange somewhere abroad, just do it. Do not think about whether to take the decision or not, just go, and you will say thank you to yourself after the trip. 😉