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A Russian girl from Finland studying in University of Applied Sciences in Jyväskylä. My attitude is being positive and enjoying life. 🙂

Time has come to let the new chapter begin..

Happy Sunday everybody!  The semester has gone so fast, so many presentations, assignments and exams have been done during this summer/spring period. Now I have finally completed all studies from the 2nd course of my Bachelor’s Degree and I have about 133 ECTs of 210 ECTs behind. For the last year I ll have 44ECTs for […]

How To Spent Women’s Day

On 8th of March we decided to do something interesting. It was Women’s Day and we though it would be nice to go to some museum. The first option was to visit Hermitage, but as Women’s Day is considered as very important celebration- everyone has a dayoff and in the museum would be way too […]

Visit to beer beverage Балтика!

This Monday we had an opportunity to visit Балтика’s beer beverage. Our excursion to the bevarage started at 9.55 from our dormitory. At first we had to take metro to metro station Kupchino (Купчино) and then we switched to the bus. The weather was perfect, which is rare for Petersburg. The excursion started as soon […]

Payin The Tuition Fee

Hello sweethearts, It is such an amazing weather here in St.Petersburg, the spring is coming and many mornings have started by waking up to the bright sunglight. Well, as I already wrote in the last post, I would like to tell you how did I manage my tuition fee. In rubles it is 65 000 […]

Spring semester in SPb has already started

Good evening, haven’t been writing any posts for a while, but now I ll continue. Well, as I already mentioned, I extended my studies here for one more semester. I came up with that decision because I found my English getting better and vocabulary larger. Here are some students which extended their studies as I […]

Welcome To Rainy St.Petersburg

Snow, snow, snow, snow…. No. Only a melted snow, and those boring, gray, rainy days from a week to another. Well, it is the end of November and I am starting being afraid, if the winter ever starts… Hopefully on December it can be officially started, also from the weather’s point of view. Every morning […]

Half of the autumn semester already done

Wazup!  Today I saw the first snow in St.Pete, it melted right away and then later turned to rain, but anyways, winter is right behind the corner, can’t wait. I have heard that it is not so beautiful here in winter due to big traffic, but we ll see! 🙂 Hmm, today I would like […]

What about the dorm. life

Good Daay! As I promised in the last post, I would like to tell you how is it really to live in dormitory. I will not generalize, but as an example I will take my dormitory called 8-ya Lestnisa. In the beginning of studies I was a little bit shocked, because I did not expect […]

About thoughts

Sometimes, it takes being away from someone for a while to realize how much you really need them in your life. Before going abroad I’ve never been thinking that it could be hard to stay away from your family, your friends and other dear people. The only thoughts that were in my head were: “How will […]

What a horrible hospital

Wazzuup! These three days have been not so good. Kate have had a serious temperature for 3 days (39,3 degree). We tried to low the temperature, but then after the affect of a medicine it got up again and we decided to call the emergency and they found out that she has serious angina and […]