Adeliina Aktemezheff

A Russian girl from Finland studying in University of Applied Sciences in Jyväskylä. My attitude is being positive and enjoying life. :)

Want to study here for one semester more

Good Evening,  Today it has been raining and windy all day. It is crazy how much the wind blows, you can leave from home with nice hair and when you have arrived till the university you might look like домовенок Кузя… (pic below) To be honest, now I would like to continue my studies here…

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The last week has gone so fast..

Good Morning! Last week our studies started with a compact course, Development and Marketing of Services. The teacher is from Barselona and due to that we had everyday (Monday to Saturday 16-20.00) 4 hours lectures. The whole course’s information was compacted in one week. We have to write an assignment for 3 000 words and…

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Night tour in the centrum

Heyy! Did not write here right away yesterday, but have to admit that it was such an amazing day. Our day started by the bustour around the centrum of the St.Petersburg. I still cant understand that I am really living in that fairy tale -city. The architecture is something I can not explain, the history…

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What a beautiful day

Hi all! Today we had some program (taking into account that we have been just chilling for a while), the vice director introduced himself and we got our student cards, FINALLY! There has also been some problems with mosquitoes, they bite very much while sleeping and everyone is scratching everywhere during the day.. Happily we…

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Already here!

Well, I arrived here already on 30th of August, but I did not go to the dormitory right away because accommodation is from 1st to 4th of September. So…I stayed for two nights at my friend’s place. Anyway, now I am in the dormitory it calls (8ya Letsnitsa), and I am lucky to have my…

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