3 weeks left to St.Petersburg!

I am studying in University of Applied Sciences in Jyväskylä, Finland. I have already  studied for 1 year, and then I got a chance to go for exchange. All my relatives are from Russia, but then my parents moved here and I here I was also born. In childhood I spent a lot of time with my granny, in Petrozavodsk. Nevertheless I never have studied in Russia, and because I speak both languages as native I want to utilize my language skills in future. I want to cooperate with Russia and for that is very important to get some experience and knowledge of business that is taught there.

So….. As I am a Russian citizen, I already have the passport (I have both, Russian and Finnish nationality), no need to think about visa. But usually, u have to get student visa that is valid 3 months. Here u can find more info about that


This is how Russian passport looks like. 🙂

русский загран.паспорт.