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Monthly Archives: December 2010

Bureaucracy doesn’t have a Christmas holiday

Even though JAMK is on Christmas holiday, Ajou University isn’t. I haven’t gotten the final acceptance package from Ajou yet, but they have sent it to JAMK already. Even though the package should be reaching Jyväskylä soon, I’m not going to get it untill January because of the holidays. There should still be a plenty of time for me to apply the Korean visa in January, so I’m not worried, at least not yet.

I got some good news from Ajou by e-mail though. They’re giving me a housing grant for the spring semester! This means that I don’t have to pay for my housing in Korea. How nice of them! I’ve been browsing the Ajou University Dormitory website, and it seems that I’ll be getting one to three roommates there. Hope they won’t snore. ;-)

I also filled in some papers for JAMK before Christmas. I did a grant application and filled in the learning agreement. The learning agreement was sent to Ajou by the international office and the grant application is waiting for the confirmation of JAMK. If there’s nothing wrong with the application, I should be getting 640 euros to my bank account before leaving to Korea and 160 euros after returning back to Finland (so total of 800 euros). JAMK will be giving grants of 200 euros/month for its students to cover the travelling/housing/living costs during the exchange period abroad.

Because of the housing grant and the yet to be accepted grant from JAMK, my living expenses in Korea aren’t going to be very high. I couldn’t be happier about this! Maybe I’ll manage to save some money to do travelling in Asia after my school ends in late June. I’m planning on travelling to Singapore or Hong Kong to visit some friends during my extra two weeks in late June and early July. Let’s hope my plans will come true!