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Why is it always so hard?

Last Friday was the deadline for the dormitory online application. In order to login to the online application system, you need to have your student number and other information you can only get from the university. I tried to get the information needed by sending many e-mails to the international coordinator of Ajou University but I just couldn’t get any reply. Fortunately, the international office at JAMK called them on Friday morning and got them to send the information needed. The people at the Ajou University said that the information had already been sent. I’ve been checking my spam inbox as well but there was nothing there.

Long story short, I did the application on Friday just one hour before the deadline. Well, actually my boyfriend did the application for me since I was in Helsinki to attend the Nordic Travel Fair and couldn’t use a computer. Tried to do the application with the Internet access of my cellphone but it was impossible. Nevertheless – YAY! Now I may not have to sleep under the bridge!

I’m still waiting for the acceptance package from Korea though. It has been on its way to Finland for little over a week now. Leena already got her package but I’m wondering why mine hasn’t arrived yet. I’m so not digging if it has been lost in the mail. I’m going to ask them to send me another one if it doesn’t arrive here during next week. The time is running out to do the visa application!


Six weeks left

I’ve got six weeks left in Finland before my flight to South Korea. I’m starting to get a bit nervous, because the required documets haven’t arrived from Ajou University yet. I tought they’d send them to me during December (thats what was written on their schedule) but they sent me an e-mail today stating that they’ll send the documents to my home university this week. Hopefully I’ll get the papers next week so I can apply the student visa and get it in time from the Korean Embassy.

They sent me a great package of information via e-mail as well. All of this information will arrive through snail mail as well, but it was a nice thing from them to send them by e-mail already so I would be less nervous waiting for the info package. The e-mail included spring semester schedules, information about health insurance and tuberculosis test (I need to get tested either in Finland or when arriving to South Korea), information about housing, a campus map, an arrival pick-up service form etc. If you’ll arrive to Incheon (Seoul) airport between 23rd and 24th of February, there will be a pick-up service available. Good thing I knew this already when I booked my flight tickets, so I’ll be arriving to Incheon airport on the 23rd.

Here’s the schedule for the Spring Semester 2011

♦ Dormitory Application, January 17-21
♦ Deadline for Additional Application Materials, January 31
♦ Notice of online course registration (tentative), January 31
♦ Dormitory Room Assignment Notice, January 28
♦ Dormitory Opening, February 23
♦ Orientation (Mandatory), February 25
♦ Classes Begin, March 2
♦ Course Change, March 9-11
♦ŸCourse Drop, March 24-25
♦ Mid-term Exam, April 20-26
♦ Final Exam, June 16-22
♦ Farewell Ceremony for Exchange Students (tentative), June 22
♦ End of the Spring Semester, June 23
♦ Dormitory Moving-out, June 23

There will also be four Korean national holidays during my stay there. The 1st of March is the Independence Declaration Day, also called as March 1st Movement Day. May 5th is the Children’s Day – they also have the same holiday in Japan. May 10th is the Buddha’s Birthday. On the 6th of June, South Korea is remembering the men and women who died during the Korean War. This day is called the Memorial Day.

I’ve finally completed all the necessary paperwork with JAMK and KELA (The Social Insurance Institution of Finland), so everything else besides the Korean visa and the dormitory application (must be done next week via Internet) should be in order. I hope I’m not forgetting something.

What I’ve done so far

♦Filled in the exchange application in February 2010 – got accepted to Korea by JAMK in March 2010
♦Bought the flight tickets (600€) in October 2010
♦Filled in the online application at the Ajou University website in November 2010 – got an acceptance e-mail in December
♦Sent a self-introduction essay with CV, a passport copy, official transcript of records and a recommendation letter from my international coordinator to Ajou University by e-mail in November 2010
♦Filled in the learning agreement and gave it to my international coordinator in December 2010 – the international coordinator sent it to JAMK international office from where it was sent to Ajou University
♦Filled in the application for the JAMK study grant abroad in December 2010 – got the decision of the grant in late December
♦Bought two additional months for my travel insurance (117€) in December 2010
♦Filled in KELA documents for studying abroad and for summer studies (since the Korean spring semester will continue during summer as well) in January 2011
♦Filled in the online form for the arrival pick-up service in January 2011

As you can see, there are a lot of things to remember!

The Ajou University campus area. Most of the exchange students will be living in HwaHong Hall (Dormitory 3).

The Ajou University campus area. Most of the exchange students will be living in HwaHong Hall (Dormitory 3) in the northern part of the area.