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End of the semester

The Spring semester at Ajou University came to its end few weeks ago and I’ve been back to my home in Jyväskylä for two days now. It feels weird to leave Korea behind after four amazing months, but at the same time I’m happy to be back home. I was thinking I might get a […]

I already miss Korea

It has been a long time since I last updated this blog. I have seriously been super busy with my studies and enjoying Korea so I haven’t had time to sit on my computer that much. During this month or so I have been doing presentations, writing essays, visiting Ulsan and Busan, Jeju Island and […]

The cherry blossom season

The cherry blossom season is already over and the summer is about to begin, but here are some pictures of my favourite season of the year – spring! The above pictures were all taken at Ajou University campus. Here’s a short video of the cherry blossoms. Only few weeks ago it was still quite chilly […]

Beautiful Busan

As I noted in my previous post, I went to Busan last weekend. Busan is a beautiful harbor city in the Southern coast of Korea. There’s a Free Shuttle Bus from Seoul to Busan for foreigners that operates until the end of December 2011, so I recommend everyone visiting Seoul this year to visit Busan […]

Soon it’s time for the midterm exams

It really is the halfway of the semester soon. Next week will be the beginning of the midterm exam period, but instead of studying the whole weekend, I decided to go to Busan for three days and two nights. We’ll be leaving to Busan with Anouk, my friend from Holland, tomorrow morning at 8am from […]