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Soon it’s time for the midterm exams

It really is the halfway of the semester soon. Next week will be the beginning of the midterm exam period, but instead of studying the whole weekend, I decided to go to Busan for three days and two nights. We’ll be leaving to Busan with Anouk, my friend from Holland, tomorrow morning at 8am from Seoul. Because it takes time to get to Seoul, I think we’ll have to leave home at around 6am… I can feel the sleepiness already!

In order to fully enjoy the trip, I’ll do my homework in advance and study for the exams today as much as I can. I’ll be back to Suwon late on Sunday evening so maybe I’ll do what the locals do and spend the night at the library. They seem to believe that sleeping in the library beats studying at home for what it comes to getting good grades! ;-)

Cherry blossoms in Seoul.

Cherry blossoms in Seoul last weekend.

This week has been warm and beautiful so the cherry blossoms have been opening. The spring has arrived! It’s a shame that the most beautiful season is the time you’ll have to study the most. But for me, spring gives the energy to keep studying. You can always just take your book or laptop with you and sit under the blossoming cherry trees and enjoy the good weather while studying.

To stody indoors...?

To study indoors...?

...Or to enjoy the spring outside?

...Or to enjoy the spring outside?