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The cherry blossom season

The cherry blossom season is already over and the summer is about to begin, but here are some pictures of my favourite season of the year – spring!





Having a picnic after midterm exams.

Having a picnic after midterm exams.

The above pictures were all taken at Ajou University campus. Here’s a short video of the cherry blossoms.

Only few weeks ago it was still quite chilly in the evening but now it’s all hot and humid here. It’s very green and colourful and it smells like summer. Without the humidity it would be perfect, but the humidity makes you all sticky the moment you step outside. I’m glad the Finnish summer is not humid.

My midterm exams went quite well I think. We haven’t received all of the results yet though, so it might be either way. I did however get my results from Korean language and Taekwondo and I did well on those, yay!

The grading in Korea is a bit different from what it is in universities in Finland. Here they use the bell curve for grading, so someone always fails. Even though I did quite well it doesn’t mean I passed – if everyone else did better than me, I will fail. That kinda sucks! :-D

I won’t have any final exam for the Tourism & Culture or for the Current Issues in Korean Society, but I will have to do final research for those courses. Tomorrow is Buddha’s Birthday which is a national holiday, so we’re going to begin our group research for the tourism course. Our topic is toilets in Suwon, so we’re going to visit some toilets here. Actually Suwon promotes itself with its clean and fun toilets. Seriously. It’s a funny research topic I think!