Nothing new actually.

Few weeks ago when I did the Ajou University’s online application I accidentally sent them an empty self-introduction essay 😀 oopsie.. Next day Ajou University sent me an email and told me send the filled one and I did. Six hours later they answered me that everything is okay for now, I love when people answer me so quickly ! They also told that later this year they send me a admission package. It should help getting the visa.

What else.. hmm..

Well last week I took 3 vaccinations at the same time, B-hepatitis, japanese encephalitis and influenza, my shoulders were sore after that. And I got one day fever next day, must be the influenza vaccination. All the vaccinations cost 144,10€. But still I have to take few more shots later this month. I think that’s gonna cost about 150€.

I also ordered ISIC stundent card. Reason was that I can get really nice discounts from Finnair straight flights to Incheon. Im kinda scared of flying alone so this straight flight is the only option for now 😀

This second year has been really rough, alots of homeworks, reports, projects and seminars. Im just trying to pass all the courses, whatever the grades are, but that’s not good if I ever want to go for higher educations like Master of cyber security.

Also I sold all my airsoft weapons. Not quitting the hobby, but you have to forge the iron when it’s still hot, by that I mean I had to sell them before the season is over and make time for school. Usually if I go play airsoft, I will spend 3-6 hours on the field and after that Im so exhausted and hungry, I can’t do anything actually so rest of the day I just spend watching tv or playing videogames.

That’s all for now.

Kind regards,