Winter season is officially started

It snows here every year, still it amaze me everytime. Maybe it starts to snow when Im least expecting it, thats why 😀

This fall semester has been really exhausting, I never actually stressed anything, but now all I do is get stressed about everything. Well I kinda deserve it, I let every report and projects pile up and didn’t do them while I had the time.

Recently I discovered a new thing I really like, writing HTML scripts, I just made myself a homepage, check it out ! Tam Tran – Portfolio (opens in new tab)

Im gonna put the link in the description on the right. It’s actually assignment for www-technique course. We had to make this portfolio website for ourself using different techniques. We have to return it to our teacher by 15.12. But I still keep updating and improving after that, like every week so far. If you are interested to have your own site, contact me, maybe we can figure out something 🙂 Contact form doesn’t work, because JAMK’s servers block sending email and of course my website is uploaded to their servers.

I also bought flight tickets last week, it was about 800€ from It’s a straight flight by Finnair, it takes only 8-9hours to arrive to South-Korea from Finland. I hope Ajou University send me the admission package soon so I can stop stressing about it 😀 Im not advertising things, I just want to share every information about this exchange thing so that people who are interested can estimate how much all this cost and how will they apply to axchange etc. I hope my blog will inspire someone to apply to Ajou University or just even studying abroad. This is a opportunity of the lifetime, everyone should experience this.

This friday I have to take the second part of B-hepatitis and maybe something else, I don’t know. But I will mention it my next post.

Update: Took the second part, nothing special actually, my arm was bit sore after that. Last part of the B-hepatitis should be taken 6 months later.

Oh yeah, i should maybe start posting pictures also. I’m out now.

Kind regards,