Long time no see

Oh man, it’s been long time since i posted something. My apologies about that.

There has been alot of things going on after my last post. I got a new apartment, my birthday party/farawell party for our classmates, since few of us are going abroad as well or changing class.

I had few problems with my flight tickets. First I had to change the flying dates and that cost me 125€. But few weeks ago Finnair cancelled my flight and change the dates to originals. After paying 125€ for nothing, I decided to contact them via e-mail, but they won’t answer me or anything. 🙁

After new year, I’ve been trying to get all the documents for the visa. Just got the confirmation about my finance from the bank. Still missing the recommendation letter from my University. Hopefully I get it tomorrow.

Now I have to deal with the insurance. My home insurance covers 90 days being on abroad. I’m gonna spend at least 118 days in South-Korea, this means I have to buy extra insurance for rest of the days I’m there.

Well then, I’m off the call the insurance company.

Kind regards,