Last preparations

Last week all the exchange students had to pick their courses. The system didn’t work at all, it was horrible to use Ajou’s course registration website. I had to use 3 different browsers to get it done and on top of that, I didn’t get any of the courses I wanted to take. Well okay it was my own fault, I woke up one hour later than the course registration opening time, early bird gets the worm.

Courses that I had to take:

  • English conversation 2
  • English composition 1
  • Korean language 1
  • Domain analysis and software design

Total credits are 12 if I remember correctly. But credits will be doubled after I get back to JAMK because Ajou University has different credit system than JAMK.

I’ve been also packing and printing/copying all the documents just in case something happens. It’s hard to pack clothes, because I don’t know how one should dress to school in Korea. And I should start learning a bit of Korean to survive in the airport and hotel, Korean people are not famous for their english skills.

Starting to regret this whole studying abroad thing, I feel so bad for leaving loved ones here in Finland. Seeing them crying and talk about this spring without me makes me feel a bit down. Well I hope this bad feeling will pass. Anyway I’ll be gone just less than 4 months.

that’s all for now.

Kind regards,