Kind regards from South-Korea

Sharing my thoughts and experiences about my exchange period in South-Korea

From Jyväskylä to Seoul

I spent the weekend at my parents. They wanted to spend couple of days with me, before leaving, so I drove to Järvenpää on Friday evening. Järvenpää is where my parents live and I used to live. I really like it even thought it’s kinda small city, but it’s close to everything I need.

Monday noon I did the check-in online to save some time on the airport. It was easy and fast. Leaving goodbyes on the other hand.. not so easy. I started to cry a lot and so did everyone else. 🙁


On the finnair’s airplane they served two hot meals. First hot meal: They had two options for dinner, pasta bolognese or Korean pork and rice. Here’s the Korean Pork.


The other hot meal was kinda like english breakfast or something. I didn’t enjoy it, but I think it was mostly because I was so homesick to eat anything. When I’m feeling bit down I loose my appetite.


I planned to go to spa, pedicure and stuff, but I think I’ll rather stay at the hotel and skyped home. I didn’t get any sleep during the flight so I think it’s better for me to stay inside. Maybe later I’ll go grab something to eat. I feel hungry, but still can’t get anything down.

Btw, Soon there will be first Video post on this blog. I took few pictures and recorded few clips already. I just need to motivate myself to edit these together and think about what I should say on this video.

That’s all for now.

Kind regards,


Ps. This might be bit weird post with no logic, I was on the phone with mom while writing this.

Edit: Fixed few typos and added pictures