From Incheon to Suwon

Okay, so about my last post. After talking a while in skype, I decided to get something to eat before going to sleep. There was a lot of restaurants near by, but I didn’t want to go far so I just took the first restaurant that was busy. It’s usually a good sign.

It took about 15 minutes to order something to eat. Nobody spoke English and nobody understand a single word I said. Luckily the menu is in Korean and English, so that kinda helped me a bit. I decided to order something “familiar” with small price tag, end up with ham and cheese dish.

All that cost 8000 won, which is less than 6 euros. I think it’s pretty decent. I don’t know the names of the side dishes or even main dishes. I recognize the kimchi and then there’s sticky rice, fried fish?, beans in sweet sauce, nori, seaweed and the last one is a mystery.

After I was done eating, I went outside and saw this.


Sun went down like in 30 minutes. But yeah, after I took this picture, I went to convenience store and bought few bottles of water and noodles just in case if I get hungry at night.

Then I went back to hotel room. Skyped for couple of hours and then went to sleep.

Woke up like 10 times during the night. I might have a small jet lag. Went to hotel breakfast, it was okay. I didn’t take any picture of it, but pretty sure there was all the necessary. Bread, cereals, hot beverages, juices, eggs, salad and few Korean warm dishes, like Bulgogi.

After breakfast I went back to my hotel room and packed all my stuff and about 8.15am reception called that the airport shuttle is ready to take me to the airport. I had to go back to the airport because the Ajou’s airport pick up services is only available from there.

There was 3 people from A.G.A. (Ajou Global Ambassadors) at the airport, they check the names and helped us to buy tickets(12 000won) for the bus to Suwon. Bus ride from Incheon to Suwon took a bit less than 1,5h. Met few other exchange students at the airport.

When we arrived to Suwon, we had to take the taxi (about 4000 won) to University. Usually the taxi drivers leaves you on the older dormitory, that’s okay if you are staying in there, but I got a place from the new dormitory. With heavy luggages walking to the new dormitory is quite challenging. Luckily I went with Denis and he knew this would happen so he gave the driver instructions to the new dormitory.

I will continue this post bit later, now I gotta go meet the others down the lobby.

Kind regards,