From Incheon to Suwon pt.2

When we arrived to the new dormitory, I was quite impressed. It was build last year, so students has live there for two semester, so everything is clean and working. Everything is also high-tech door code and gates etc. Security cameras are also everywhere.


First when we got through the front door, we had to fill a application for the room and set the code for the door. No physical keys or anything, only code or student card that will be given to us bit later.

The room is really warm (water heated floors), atleast mine is, I heard that few girls had colder rooms. Theses rooms also really clean and good looking IMO.

dormroomb dormroomb2
The idea is you will live in this room with Korean student, who will try to help you adapt and survive in Korea, but I heard few stories and the roommate didn’t spoke english at all. I hope my roommate can speak english. And yes, there is an other bed, but I was too lazy to take a picture of it.

On my floor there’s no kitchen, but instead 2 common rooms, go figure.. There’s a kitchen on every second floor, 2, 4, 6, and 8. I live in 3th floor so not so lucky. I know I won’t be cooking much but still it would be nice to have a kitchen on my floor just in case I wanted to heat something up. We also have community bathrooms, showers etc. These pictures will help you to image what I go through here.

WC shower elevator changingroom bathroomcommonroom

Well atleast there’s fridge in every floor and there’s a security camera pointing at the fridge, so you can count on it, that nobody will steal your food. You have to get a sticker from the lobby and stick it to your food, so people know who it belongs and when it should be thrown away, because there’s a rule that you can store your food for like a week. After a week you should put a new sticker on it.

There’s also laundry room (1000won per use) and gym.

gym1 gym2 laundry

As you can see, there’s boys and girls washing machines. They are really strict about this gender division and the dormitory rules are ridiculous. We also have only boys elevators and only girls elevators.

Here’s the link to the dormitory rules if you are interested.

That’s all for now.

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