First day in this town

After I moved in and explore the dormitory, I decided to grab something to eat. We went to food library with my friend. From the three cafeterias, I think it’s the best cafeteria in this University. I don’t know the name of this dish, but it was the best thing ever for a while. Really fatty pork meat with cabbage, soup, of course kimchi, rice, fried dumblings and some pickles. Here people drink from these small metal cups, they are stored in some kind of cupboard that is 39 celcius warm, it keeps the cups sterile.



After lunch we head to the main street with my friend. On the way to main street, we noticed this nice view to Ajou University’s park. Colors are quite ugly right now, but maybe I’ll post an other picture later this spring when it gets bit greener for comparison.


The main street start from Ajou University’s gate, so it’s common to see other Ajou’s students walking around the main street. I asked my roommate that, does this main street have name and answer was “No”. Kinda confusing.



Street scene is definitely more colorful and covered with pavement. There might be few pole now and then to prevent taxi drivers drive on the sidewalk.

We also found American delicacy, KFC. It’s been on my bucket list for a while, because I never visited one.


Really cute cosmetic shop.


That’s all for now.

Kind regards,


| Author: Tam Tran