Kind regards from South-Korea

Sharing my thoughts and experiences about my exchange period in South-Korea


I’m trying to capture all the things into few post now, because I’m starting to forget them.

After few days here, I met a lot of other exchange students, it is really interesting experience and sometimes bit challenging, reason for that is almost everyone have their own way to speak English. Also I’m trying to get use to this big campus, I think in Finland we don’t have campus this big.

First orientation was 26th of February, there we got this info package. It contains info magazine, stack of important papers, map of Suwon and few poster of up coming parties. There’s a lot of good info in the magazine, like schedule calendar, list of all exchange students, A.G.A. buddy list and more. Definitely people should read it few times. It answer most of the question you might have.

After the orientation we took group photo and University offered us really good lunch, including different kinds of salads, western dishes and Korean dishes. I didn’t had the time to take a picture of the buffet because everybody was rushing to get the food.

After the orientation I went to eat at the Food Library and paid my dormitory fee and delivered to OIA (Office of International Affairs) my insurance papers and copy of my Visa. Dormitory fee was something 800-900€ for one semester. Then my Finnish friends wanted to do some grocery shopping. One of the last year’s exchange student Denis told me that there’s a big market behind the University, called Lotte Mart. We found it without any problem, of course we did google it for a while and Denis instructions were good also.


Here’s the Lotte Mart. It’s underground so you have to take the escalator to get there. It is every day department store, they sell clothes, fresh food, pets etc…



After done grocery shopping we went out and found out this shopping/restaurant area.

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I think post is long enough, so that’s all for now.

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