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Sharing my thoughts and experiences about my exchange period in South-Korea

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Next day we to Suwon station by taxi (6000-7000won from Ajou Street). There is actually free bus shuttle from Ajou University to Suwon station, but I think it wasn’t available at that time. Suwon station is a big building including train station and big shopping mall named AK Plaza.

AK Plaza is quite expensive place to do shopping, but the range of different kinds of shops is huge, high-end watches, clothes, shoes and electronics etc… Of course there is also “normal” price shops. Restaurants and coffee places are bit over priced (almost double).

When we stepped in we were blown away, all this shops look so expensive and it was really clean and new from the inside. It was something that you’ll expect to see, but it still was really cool looking place. All the staff were always ready to serve you and they tried their best to speak english.

Finnish shop !

Some weird sport shoes I saw. 😀

Football field on the roof ! First time I saw this kinda thing, it was in the movie called Tokyo Drift. Really cool idea.

We were getting hungry so we decided to look for restaurant near by AK Plaza. We saw a restaurant across the street, so we had to use this bridge to get to the other side. The view was so cool, I had to take a picture.

We went to somekind of back alley restaurant that served really weird food. That was like the first contact with real Korean traditional meal. It was waste meat and sundae and no, not the dessert, but real blood sausage. I think the restaurant never had foreign customers so everybody in the restaurant were really suprised that we end up eating there and no wonder.

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