Kind regards from South-Korea

Sharing my thoughts and experiences about my exchange period in South-Korea

Week is about to end

Sunday, I was chilling in my room and friend of mine hit me up with the message “Wanna go eat lunch” so we went to eat lunch at Food Mom. We ordered somekind of soup. There was egg scramble, rice cake and few dumblings. After that we went to Ajou street and did some exploring.

We went to some local market and bought something small. It was just more like a look around in the market to see what are the prices on the commonly used products.

They spray somekind of water steam on salads and vegetables to keep them moist and fresh. Look really cool IMO. Next we saw a Nutella coffee place. Kinda funny, but Nutella is pretty good.

When I got back to the dormitory, I did the laundry and went to the gym. After gym we went to eat at dormitory cafeteria. Usually weekends the dormitory cafeteria serves this kinda food. Soup with rice and some side dishes. It was okay, kinda tasteless except a burn from the chili.

It would be nice if the serve something else on weekends, because I don’t want to order takeouts to the dormitory. In Korea you can order anything to your house, KFC, McDonalds, groceries …. etc.

After done eating we went to get some tickets to next day’s orientation/welcoming party and we saw this romantic gesture. This is straight up Korean Drama stuff.

I should probably try to catch up few days into one post and not one day into one post, really time consuming. Oh well maybe next time.

Kind regards,