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Sharing my thoughts and experiences about my exchange period in South-Korea

Field trip pt. 2

After I finished my meal, I went to take some pictures from the market. It was so cold my hands/fingers were freezing and it was so crowded I didn’t take many pictures, but here few shots.

If you didn’t spent all the coins you change, you can refund them for cash, but the line is pretty long.

I think some Korean people wore these traditional Hanbok outfits to respect their Independence day (movement day). It’s a really cute couples thing also. I would defenitely like to do it one day.

Okay moving on, we head to Insa-dong. There was a Hanbok shop inside Insa-dong information center and tried ourself these Hanboks. It was funny how you dress them on. I heard that I got the King’s outfit, so I think I can be pretty proud about it.

The “Baseball-cap” traditional Hanbok outfit. We took also big group photo with all the people wearing Hanboks, but I don’t want to post it here, because I’m not sure are all the people okay with that.

After we got rid of the outfits, we went to the main street. There was parades walking around playing live music and did some performance. Also old people were following them and waving flags around.

The atmosphere was amazing, people were so proud of their country and that how it supposed to be ! Some of the old people gave us flags so we could also wave them. While they were following these dances they either sang or yelled something and we tried to copy them. They just laughed at us, but in the good way. 🙂

We had a short brief about when and where we meet and then we were free to explore this street. This street was actually pretty new and cool looking place and big “NO SMOKING” signs. Everything around here is expensive and really often people here spoke Chinese, because there’s a lot of Chinese tourists.

There was something going in the park. Some military people were playing music and army guys walking around with M16 assault rifles (guns).

Then we went to old traditional Buckchon Hanok Village. Of course the houses were restored and upgraded to modern day requirements without affecting old traditional looks. There was signs everywhere that said no littering, keep quite etc. Because people are really living on those old houses.

In middle of all the old houses there was this modern one, I don’t actually know if it’s restored or just built.

Lovely couple sitting there for us to take pictures, IN THE COLD ! And yeah, the cold in Korea it must worse than in Finland.

We were running out of time, so we went to our last location, Changdeok palace. For more information you should google, because I don’t know much about this palace. There was actually decent amount stuff to see, but here are the highlights of the place.


This was our last place to visit, so we head back to Suwon by bus. It took about 1 hour to get there. It was pity that, it was so cold outside, I didn’t enjoy this trip that much, because of the cold. Maybe when it get’s warmer I’ll do this trip on my own or with smaller group of friends. Total cost of all of these including eating and everything was less than 20 000won.

That’s all for now.

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