Kind regards from South-Korea

Sharing my thoughts and experiences about my exchange period in South-Korea

Orientation pt. 2 and field trip

In the monday morning I went to Lotte mart with my friend to buy some groceries, because I heard that next day is a holiday, Korean Independence day. Weather was really cold ! I think it feels colder than Finland at the moment.

When we got to the Lotte Mart it was still closed. I find it bit weird, because in Finland all the markets open like 8am and the Lotte Mart opened at 10am. Well it was so cold outside so we went to Starbucks to get some over price green teas.

It cost 5000won and it was really strong for me or maybe I took the teabag out of the cup too late. After cup of tea we went to Lotte Mart and did our shoppings and head back to the University, but different way. We wanted to explore a shorter route, but in the end it was longer. On the way back to University we saw this pretty park in side of this new neighborhood.

Then we had orientation. Orientation was about registration, program introduction and academic infromation. After that we got to see all A.G.A. members and had campus tour and group photo. They organized 4 different trips for us and we had to participate to one of them.

The first trip was group A:

Second trip was group J:

Third group O, I participate on this trip:

Last but not least, group U:


Later in the evening we went to welcoming party, tickets to the party cost 20 000 won, it include 2 jugs of beer, 1 soju bottle and snacks. These kinds of parties you should go there bit earlier, because then you can eat more. Few other exchange students that came bit late, they didn’t had much to eat or drink. Not organized well and really expensive tickets.

Korean beer is really light if you don’t like beer don’t worry, this water will go down the throat pretty easily.

Food in Cheers looks really good, but it’s decent.

There was also drinking games, eating games and some other activities. After there was nothing going on in Cheers we head to Hidden Code. It’s located at the other end of the Ajou Street. It’s a small bar down stairs. A lot of smoke and really wide selection of music, trap music to old hip hop and EDM.

Next day we had a field trip. As I said earlier I took the group O. All the A.G.A. members that organized this Group O trip spoke really good english and it was the shortest trip. The weather was really cold so I didn’t want to be outside too long.

First we met at Yulgok Hall, gather all the names and then we hit the road.

I’m sorry if I look tired, shouldn’t gone to that party yesterday. But yeah, first stop was Tongjin(Tongyin) traditional market. We change our money to coins. 500won = 1 coin. This will is the faster way to shopping around this market. So you get a bunch of coins and plate where you gather your food.

There was so much different kinds of food I wanted to taste, but the market was so crowded so I just took something.

I had some pork belly, really tasty noodles, kimbap, fried dumbling, pork cutlet what was breaded and in side of it was a egg and somekind of meat in the stick that was really slimy.

To be continue…