First week behind

Our first school week started 2nd(wed) of March, nothing special to mention. All the teachers just handed us the syllabus of the course and told some critical information, just the basic stuff when a new course starts.

Things I noticed during the first week.

Firstly, I noticed that learning Korean language is challenging, atleast for me because my Korean teacher doesn’t speak English, just few words. Also Korean teachers murders our names when they try to pronounce them. So you really have to pay attention when teachers checking the name list.

Second thing is, always be present when you have classes. Korean teachers take it’s personal if you miss their classes, same goes for been late.

Third thing, speak respectfully with no weird tones in your voice. If they consider you been rude or you said something with aggressive tone, they can send you off the class, but I think this will apply anywhere.

Fourth thing, you will not hang a lot with Korean. Unless you’re the fangirl/boy who runs after Korean then okay… Exchange students usually do mostly everything together. But there’s clubs for meeting Korean people if you like that kinda stuff.


On the same week we had drop or add course period. I didn’t drop anything, but I did consider to take one more course. Never took tho. I feel like I’m already really busy with all the things that are going on right now. Especially when I started to workout twice a day. The gym in the new international dormitory is really good and most of the time it’s empty. Everything is new and clean.

I promised to post videos, but it’s harder than I expected. I don’t have any softwares to edit them. I really need to google a free and easy software for editing video clips.

But I think that’s all for now.

Kind regards,


| Author: Tam Tran