Posting something because I feel like it

Friends and I were at Seoul for this one weekend, because ISN organization threw a party for all the exchange students. Of course we wanted to see that party, expecting Hi-end club with good music and many floors.

We went to Seoul by Bus and there to Hongdae by subway. I don’t know how much it cost, but maybe somewhere around 6000won. Our plan was to spend a night in Hongdae so that next day we can do some shopping. I book a room from Park Avenue Guesthouse for one night, it was 55000won including breakfast.

Before going out we went to eat at this Japanese pub Bistro. Quite expensive to eat out in Seoul, but it was good. I ordered a burger (7500won).

After getting our bellies full of food we head to this Hiphop Club Cream. It was total disaster, too many people in the same place, raining and the worse part was that people smoke in side this club. Some peoples clothes and skin got burnt marks from the cigarettes etc.

Luckily I bought the early bird ticket(7,3 euros), because we were inside this Cream club just for 30min. What a waste, but I got a change to see Hongdae.

Got back to the guesthouse, slept 6 hours and ate “continental” breakfast. After that we went to do some shopping. Really nice selection of clothes in Hongdae.

It started it to rain so we decided to get something to eat and head back to dormitory. Trip back was 1,5h and maybe 6000won. Some of us had a small hangover so we end up at McDonalds. When we were done, we decided to take a pictures of this private booths where you can eat alone. This would sell in Finland !

I think that’s all for now.

Kind regards,