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Oh man, times flies indeed, already halfway through. This experience has opened my eyes wide open. Enjoying the little things, experience other cultures and growing mentally. Now when I look back to see what kinda person I was, I feel so embarrassed.

Everytime I have a conversation with exchange students or local people, they will give me a new perspective to see things and that’s the great beauty of meeting new people. If you never step out of your country, do it as soon as possible, take every change that life gives you. Regret something that you never done, not what you have done.

Okay, change of subject. Getting too deep now.

Time for cherry blossom spam. These are amazing looking trees and they smell good too. It is quite sad that they die after 1-2 weeks, so you have to enjoy every moment that they are a live.

This one isn’t cherry blossom, but it was still pretty and colorful so I had to post it also.

From Ajou football avenue pointing to the Ajou Street (or main street).

I still have a lot of pictures of cherry blossoms, but maybe I upload them later. Ajou University set these lights to highlight these trees. A lot of people came to Ajou University just to take pictures with these blossoms.

Ajou University also had cherry blossom festivals. A lot food trucks and stalls that were selling food, random stuff, cotton candy etc. And some Music/Singing clubs were performing around the campus.

I’m sorry, but this cup of food is halfway eaten, but maybe readers will get the idea. It was really good, tasted bit like kebab with rice.

And some stalls.

Ah the cotton candies were so cute. It was quite hard to get a pictures of these candies at the stall so I ask these two Korean girls to pose for me so get all the models of the candies in one picture. I didn’t want to buy them because I don’t like so much so this was the best option I think.

The main street was quiet at that moment. It was so early in the morning, 12pm. Yes it is early in Korea I think. But like after 3pm or 4pm every place is so crowded. So that’s why I also go shopping early.

EDIT: video was removed ! This video is made by my friend. Like he said, that by pictures you cannot experience the feeling of these events. But definitely everyone should experience this by them self, because the smell of these flowers and the atmosphere, it is mesmerizing.

But that’s all for now.

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Time flies

boy the time flies. It’s been over a week since my last post. I’ve been really busy, trying to study for the mid-terms and few field trips happened etc. There’s always something to do and everyone asking you to go with them everywhere.

I already wrote about that I took this Domain analysis and design class. Now interesting event came up because of this class. Samsung engineers came to our school and held a seminar about their products and we got for our team project Samsung Z3 phone with TIZEN OS and Samsung galaxy Gear S2 classic.

Before handing these devices back we can apply to have them for ourself. I really want to the watch, even tho it cannot connect to my phone. It supports only hi-end Phones, which is really stupid.

We also had Friends clubs bowling activity. While we walk to the meeting place I took a picture of the church near Ajou’s library.

We took a taxi to the bowling place and played there for 2h. We won both games and after that most of the people went to drink and eat unlike me. I went to eat something small with my Finnish friend and head back to dormitory.

Weekend we spent at Jecheon, it is 2-3h bus drive from Ajou University. It was A.G.A. organized field trip. It was actually the only field trip I enjoyed by far, but still there was some stupid and annyoing activities like drinking games and group photo and “Free time”. The amount of group photo is amazing, I don’t know do they sell these pictures or why we have to take so many group photos. Most of the pictures are so blurry anyways that you couldn’t recognize a Korean student from Finnish student.

But yeah, food was great on the first day, western…ish barbeque with Korean side dishes, it was good.

After done eating we head to the Jecheon Disaster Training Center. There was paintball shooting, we shot only targets, not each other so I was little disappointed and we shot total 12 shots/shooter, wohoo.. Really lame and waste of time, because it was CO2 powered paintball gun, the gas was still too cold when it was my turn, so the shots were really inaccurate and unconsistent.

There was also obstacle course, wall climbing, rope sliding or something like that, dark maze and jumping from tower on a rope. Really fun, it was little bit of extreme and physical stuff, for active person like me,  I love that kinda stuff. I already had enough of them sighseeing stuff, they get boring really quick.

A.G.A. organized the accommodation really badly. Some of us got the beds and some of us had to sleep on the floor and we all paid the same price. Everything in Korea is actually pretty badly organized, badly executed, badly handled or badly done, everything ! So don’t expect anything to go right on the first try.

Here is one of my Finnish friends and mine room. We shared this floor room together.

View from the balcony.

It was quite amazing, but my camera didn’t agree with me so we end up with this kinda picture.

When I got back my roommate suggest that we take part on some event that you could win box of deep fried chicken with your roommate. Of course we won one box of chicken that wasn’t even enough for one person. We just had to take a picture together and write 10 lines about us.

Here’s the picture, My roommate Jaesung and me. Oh yeah, we are having a some kind of bromance. We have exactly the same glasses, shoes and we buy/share for each other food and share same interests etc.

He invited me to his parents house, so I will be visiting busan in two weeks, really looking forward to it. He’s really nice so probably his family is lovely also. It’s funny that Jaesung’s father has worked in Finland and Jaesung is coming to Finland for Fall semester this year. Coincidence? I think not.

That’s all for now.

Kind regards,


Writing something to keep me awake in the class

I’m in really bring class and really tired. Korean lectures are mostly teacher speaking 1,5h in row and memorizing all the things. There’s no interacting with students, really rarely, unless it is foreign teacher (not korean and not old grumpy).

Also you have attend on every class, some Korean teachers takes it personally if you don’t show up in the class. I don’t know do they hold grunge against you, but they don’t like it, but I think it’s applied only on the old teachers grumpies.

First week in Ajou University I joined Friends club, we had a meeting where we made Kimbabs. It’s similar to sushi, but really rough version of it. Spam and tuna are the main ingredients that is put inside.

I was the first to roll these, without instruction, I think I did pretty well, in fact mine kimbabs were best looking ! Taste was okay, quite mild.

Weekend came again and we decided to get some Lunch outside of the campus. We walk around first, two of my friends wanted to show us same places. We saw the first cherry blossoms while we were circle around.

Quite sad that they die after about a week. They smell also pretty good. While walking around this area we spotted few of these “towers”.

People rest there and observe the nature around it. We continued our journey to the Lotte Mart get some lunch and got distracted by this view.

The area had “european” vibe. Finally made to the Lotte Mart after few hours. We ate at the Japanese Curry place, really tasty food. Here’s a picture of my friend’s chicken curry and my Noodle Curry with deep-fried shrimps and under them was tonkatsu, deep-fried pork cutlet. One of the best curries I taste so far.

After that we did some grocery shoppings and head back to dormitory.

That’s all for now.

Kind regards,


EDIT: Added a missing picture

Long time no post, sorry for that

I have been ill for 3 weeks now, that’s why I haven’t post anything for awhile. Haven’t been or done anything special.

My friends and I went to gangnam one day by bus, it took little more than an hour and cost something like 5000won. Everybody was talking that we should go there for shopping.

When we got there, I was actually pretty disapointed. The gangnam underground shopping area is not that special, it’s like a basar and all the clothes are basicly one size and you have to do some haggling. Buildings are cool, big modern business buildings and really fancy cars and a lot of plastic surgery clinics.

Later we found out that you should go to gangnam when it’s evening, then all the bars and clubs are open, but I’m not into that stuff so gangnam was waste of time for me and on top of that I didn’t buy anything from gangnam.

Finnish girls doing the gangnam style !

Few days later we went to shopping in our local shopping malls, AK Plaza and Lotte Mall. I think I have already told about the AK Plaza so I’m just gonna skip that part.

Lotte Mall is similar to AK Plaza, various collection of clothes stores and restaurants. We were quite hungry so we ate first before shopping.

We went for mexican/american food this time, sometimes you need a small break from Korean food. There was also gaming section. For example, there was racing simulator that the chair moved/reacted to your driving to make it feel more realistic. It was really awesome, but kinda expensive. For driving 2 laps on short track cost 3000won.

South-Korea is really friendly for the couples. There’s a lot of couples things to do. If you want to something romantic, you should visit South-Korea. Paris is soooooo yesterday stuff. Here they sell couples menu, couples shirts, etc…

Here’s a couples bridge in Lotte Mall. Insa-dong has similar thing also.

They also have this “White day” what is similar to valentines day. If you buy something from for example cosmetic store, they will give a small basket of chocolate and make-ups for girls with cute pink bow on top.

This picture was taken before we head back to dormitory.

People think that Suwon station is dangerous place. There was really cruel murder in Suwon Station and the victim called the police several times to come and check the situation but they didn’t nothing, even though they were in front of the building. So ignorant, but the victim was small Korean girl, so I think this danger doesn’t apply to all people.

That’s all for now.

Kind regards,