Long time no post, sorry for that

I have been ill for 3 weeks now, that’s why I haven’t post anything for awhile. Haven’t been or done anything special.

My friends and I went to gangnam one day by bus, it took little more than an hour and cost something like 5000won. Everybody was talking that we should go there for shopping.

When we got there, I was actually pretty disapointed. The gangnam underground shopping area is not that special, it’s like a basar and all the clothes are basicly one size and you have to do some haggling. Buildings are cool, big modern business buildings and really fancy cars and a lot of plastic surgery clinics.

Later we found out that you should go to gangnam when it’s evening, then all the bars and clubs are open, but I’m not into that stuff so gangnam was waste of time for me and on top of that I didn’t buy anything from gangnam.

Finnish girls doing the gangnam style !

Few days later we went to shopping in our local shopping malls, AK Plaza and Lotte Mall. I think I have already told about the AK Plaza so I’m just gonna skip that part.

Lotte Mall is similar to AK Plaza, various collection of clothes stores and restaurants. We were quite hungry so we ate first before shopping.

We went for mexican/american food this time, sometimes you need a small break from Korean food. There was also gaming section. For example, there was racing simulator that the chair moved/reacted to your driving to make it feel more realistic. It was really awesome, but kinda expensive. For driving 2 laps on short track cost 3000won.

South-Korea is really friendly for the couples. There’s a lot of couples things to do. If you want to something romantic, you should visit South-Korea. Paris is soooooo yesterday stuff. Here they sell couples menu, couples shirts, etc…

Here’s a couples bridge in Lotte Mall. Insa-dong has similar thing also.

They also have this “White day” what is similar to valentines day. If you buy something from for example cosmetic store, they will give a small basket of chocolate and make-ups for girls with cute pink bow on top.

This picture was taken before we head back to dormitory.

People think that Suwon station is dangerous place. There was really cruel murder in Suwon Station and the victim called the police several times to come and check the situation but they didn’t nothing, even though they were in front of the building. So ignorant, but the victim was small Korean girl, so I think this danger doesn’t apply to all people.

That’s all for now.

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| Author: Tam Tran