Writing something to keep me awake in the class

I’m in really bring class and really tired. Korean lectures are mostly teacher speaking 1,5h in row and memorizing all the things. There’s no interacting with students, really rarely, unless it is foreign teacher (not korean and not old grumpy).

Also you have attend on every class, some Korean teachers takes it personally if you don’t show up in the class. I don’t know do they hold grunge against you, but they don’t like it, but I think it’s applied only on the old teachers grumpies.

First week in Ajou University I joined Friends club, we had a meeting where we made Kimbabs. It’s similar to sushi, but really rough version of it. Spam and tuna are the main ingredients that is put inside.

I was the first to roll these, without instruction, I think I did pretty well, in fact mine kimbabs were best looking ! Taste was okay, quite mild.

Weekend came again and we decided to get some Lunch outside of the campus. We walk around first, two of my friends wanted to show us same places. We saw the first cherry blossoms while we were circle around.

Quite sad that they die after about a week. They smell also pretty good. While walking around this area we spotted few of these “towers”.

People rest there and observe the nature around it. We continued our journey to the Lotte Mart get some lunch and got distracted by this view.

The area had “european” vibe. Finally made to the Lotte Mart after few hours. We ate at the Japanese Curry place, really tasty food. Here’s a picture of my friend’s chicken curry and my Noodle Curry with deep-fried shrimps and under them was tonkatsu, deep-fried pork cutlet. One of the best curries I taste so far.

After that we did some grocery shoppings and head back to dormitory.

That’s all for now.

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EDIT: Added a missing picture

| Author: Tam Tran