Time flies

boy the time flies. It’s been over a week since my last post. I’ve been really busy, trying to study for the mid-terms and few field trips happened etc. There’s always something to do and everyone asking you to go with them everywhere.

I already wrote about that I took this Domain analysis and design class. Now interesting event came up because of this class. Samsung engineers came to our school and held a seminar about their products and we got for our team project Samsung Z3 phone with TIZEN OS and Samsung galaxy Gear S2 classic.

Before handing these devices back we can apply to have them for ourself. I really want to the watch, even tho it cannot connect to my phone. It supports only hi-end Phones, which is really stupid.

We also had Friends clubs bowling activity. While we walk to the meeting place I took a picture of the church near Ajou’s library.

We took a taxi to the bowling place and played there for 2h. We won both games and after that most of the people went to drink and eat unlike me. I went to eat something small with my Finnish friend and head back to dormitory.

Weekend we spent at Jecheon, it is 2-3h bus drive from Ajou University. It was A.G.A. organized field trip. It was actually the only field trip I enjoyed by far, but still there was some stupid and annyoing activities like drinking games and group photo and “Free time”. The amount of group photo is amazing, I don’t know do they sell these pictures or why we have to take so many group photos. Most of the pictures are so blurry anyways that you couldn’t recognize a Korean student from Finnish student.

But yeah, food was great on the first day, western…ish barbeque with Korean side dishes, it was good.

After done eating we head to the Jecheon Disaster Training Center. There was paintball shooting, we shot only targets, not each other so I was little disappointed and we shot total 12 shots/shooter, wohoo.. Really lame and waste of time, because it was CO2 powered paintball gun, the gas was still too cold when it was my turn, so the shots were really inaccurate and unconsistent.

There was also obstacle course, wall climbing, rope sliding or something like that, dark maze and jumping from tower on a rope. Really fun, it was little bit of extreme and physical stuff, for active person like me,  I love that kinda stuff. I already had enough of them sighseeing stuff, they get boring really quick.

A.G.A. organized the accommodation really badly. Some of us got the beds and some of us had to sleep on the floor and we all paid the same price. Everything in Korea is actually pretty badly organized, badly executed, badly handled or badly done, everything ! So don’t expect anything to go right on the first try.

Here is one of my Finnish friends and mine room. We shared this floor room together.

View from the balcony.

It was quite amazing, but my camera didn’t agree with me so we end up with this kinda picture.

When I got back my roommate suggest that we take part on some event that you could win box of deep fried chicken with your roommate. Of course we won one box of chicken that wasn’t even enough for one person. We just had to take a picture together and write 10 lines about us.

Here’s the picture, My roommate Jaesung and me. Oh yeah, we are having a some kind of bromance. We have exactly the same glasses, shoes and we buy/share for each other food and share same interests etc.

He invited me to his parents house, so I will be visiting busan in two weeks, really looking forward to it. He’s really nice so probably his family is lovely also. It’s funny that Jaesung’s father has worked in Finland and Jaesung is coming to Finland for Fall semester this year. Coincidence? I think not.

That’s all for now.

Kind regards,