Oh man, times flies indeed, already halfway through. This experience has opened my eyes wide open. Enjoying the little things, experience other cultures and growing mentally. Now when I look back to see what kinda person I was, I feel so embarrassed.

Everytime I have a conversation with exchange students or local people, they will give me a new perspective to see things and that’s the great beauty of meeting new people. If you never step out of your country, do it as soon as possible, take every change that life gives you. Regret something that you never done, not what you have done.

Okay, change of subject. Getting too deep now.

Time for cherry blossom spam. These are amazing looking trees and they smell good too. It is quite sad that they die after 1-2 weeks, so you have to enjoy every moment that they are a live.

This one isn’t cherry blossom, but it was still pretty and colorful so I had to post it also.

From Ajou football avenue pointing to the Ajou Street (or main street).

I still have a lot of pictures of cherry blossoms, but maybe I upload them later. Ajou University set these lights to highlight these trees. A lot of people came to Ajou University just to take pictures with these blossoms.

Ajou University also had cherry blossom festivals. A lot food trucks and stalls that were selling food, random stuff, cotton candy etc. And some Music/Singing clubs were performing around the campus.

I’m sorry, but this cup of food is halfway eaten, but maybe readers will get the idea. It was really good, tasted bit like kebab with rice.

And some stalls.

Ah the cotton candies were so cute. It was quite hard to get a pictures of these candies at the stall so I ask these two Korean girls to pose for me so get all the models of the candies in one picture. I didn’t want to buy them because I don’t like so much so this was the best option I think.

The main street was quiet at that moment. It was so early in the morning, 12pm. Yes it is early in Korea I think. But like after 3pm or 4pm every place is so crowded. So that’s why I also go shopping early.

EDIT: video was removed ! This video is made by my friend. Like he said, that by pictures you cannot experience the feeling of these events. But definitely everyone should experience this by them self, because the smell of these flowers and the atmosphere, it is mesmerizing.

But that’s all for now.

Kind regards,