Itaewon and Han-river

My friends and I decided to get something else to eat, rather than Korean food. For this reason we head to Itaewon. Itaewon is known for being full of foreign people and restaurants. They have basic brunch and kebab places, oh I miss kebab so much !

Starter soup, bit creamy and sweet sea soup.

Main dish, not bad but too much dressing on top of the salad. Small advice when you do “expensive” salads, less is more, so less dressing is more enjoyable. These two dishes was 15000won in total. Salad, french fries, ham, soft scrambled eggs between bun and can beans.

Also in these parts they appreciate quality vodka. Finnish Finlandia vodka.

After done eating we went to see the Itaewon main street, nothing special was happening there, because it was quite early.

The green part is bottes, there was a lot of bottles, this was just fraction of this bottle wall. Nothing else to see in my opinion. There was some souvenir shops and random clothes stores that played EDM songs really loud. All most every restaurants, bars, cafes, clothes stores etc are really loud. They try to capture peoples attention with loud music. Good idea, but not very effective since everybody just goes away, because their ears hurts.

Subway stares, I think that pictures is from Han-river. So yeah, we took a subway to Han-river and when we got there, this gate greeted us.

Around this gate was a lot of Ajummas trying to give us delivery food flyers. Ajumma is hard to explain, middle ages women dressed in sporty windbreakers/clothes with big sun visor hats. Better just see it for yourself. They have this unique practical swag on.

Few nice looking building in further back.

A lot of people were having a picnic there, biking around, some were doing skateboarding and few walk their dogs. We also rode bikes along this river. We rented for and hour and it was just 3000won/bike. Not bad I think.

We walked for while and saw this water river like fountain and follow it for awhile.

We end up in the middle of this water fountains. Really cool looking place.

They were taking pictures in the fountain with huge tennis ball. After long day of walking and riding a bike we head back to dormitories.

That’s all for now.

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