Long time no post again

To begin with, I want to apologize about my last post. It was quite harsh, I was little frustrated due quiz and team projects.

Okay, back to my adventures. I went to Busan and Changwon with my roommate, He invited me to his home. It was one of the best experience that one can have here. I stayed there for two nights. We arrive to Changwon around 6pm and my roommate’s father came to pick us from the train station with his new E-class Mercedes-benz.

Changwon is small industrial city for example, Doosan digger machines are built there. One part of Changwon is called “Changwon Vegas”, it was packed with these 5-7 floor all-in-one buildings. First floors were usually restaurants, and second and third is for drinking. Fourth was for norebang (karaoke) and rest of the floors were accommodation services. This is the place to be after long day of working in factory, firstly eat well, secondly get wasted, thirdly have fun singing with friends and then finally small rest before next day starts.

Time for Busan. When I stepped out of the car, I immediately smelled sea and the fishy smell of fish market. It was our first place to visit, probably the biggest fish market in Korea. Here you can get everything, dolphin meat, shark or even whale ! And other sea creatures.

After seen enough we head to the main street. We started to get hungry so we got some street food. Not totally sure if this picture is from main street, but anyways. Busan in known for movie festival. On the ground of the main street is platinum plates or something, that has actors names and hand prints.

Many poeple wanted to take picture here because of that blue sign that has a red arrow on top of it. I really couldn’t understand why. My roommate made me also take selfies there etc.

We found this tteokbokki joint near main street and decided to eat there. We god kimbabs, tteokbokki and dumplings(mandoo) and huge rice cake.

Dessert time ! We got this jelly thing, made from seaweed with strawberry jam/juice with bean powder.

These pictures sucks, but I got a video about this stuff, so maybe later I’ll upload it to youtube. There is a lot of video footage, but I don’t want to waste my time editing those videos when I’m here. I only got about 2 weeks left. So maybe when I get back to Finland I’ll post more stuff.

After destroying that dessert we head to Busan cultural village, Gamcheon (or painting village). There is really nicely explained in Korean language how this village has been created. Maybe in English also. Definitely worth to visit !

Here’s a short video about this trip. (Random clips put together)

This post is getting too boring and long so, to be continued…

EDIT: fixed few typos etc + Video added