After Gamcheon we went to see the Nurimaru APEC house. APEC stands for “Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation“. Anyways, this is the big place where big learders gather and make decisions etc. It is free and opening hours are 10-17/10am – 5pm.

On our way to APEC house we saw really nice cars, it’s a shame that I couldn’t take any pictures of them. From APEC house we went to Haeundae beach. That beach was one of the most beautiful ones in South-Korea. My roommate told me that he haven’t been there for 7 years, because it is always crowded in summer.

We wanted to try how cold is the water, but my roommate and his friend was hesitating so we skipped that. We walked around the beach and head to outside-theater. I think that the movie festivals are usually held there or something. When we were there, it was childrens day so there was crayon drawings everywhere, because there was some kind of drawing competition.

We started to get hungry so we went to fish market and bought some alcohol and raw fish for dinner and enjoyed the view of gwangan bridge. Definitely the most beautiful bridge I ever seen. On the side of the bridge is some kind of light show.

After eating well and bit tipsy we head back to my roommate’s town Changwon. Before going to sleep he wanted me to taste “real” chicken. Chicken as a term in korea means deep fried chicken and the “real” means whole chicken. So we went to hes favorite place to eat this chicken.

This is He’s favorite place in Changwon where he goes to chill out alone or with hes friends. There was  really cool brigde called Machang, because it connects two towns together, Masan and Changwon.

After eating we went back to his home and slept.

I’ve been really busy with Final exams, team projects and assignments so I haven’t post anything in long time, now that they are over I can try to get myself back into the writing mood.

Here’s a short video about this trip. (Random clips put together)

Anyways, that’s all for now.

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