From Busan to Jeonju

After spending two days in Busan/Changwon I took a bus to Jeonju. Trip to Jeonju was sponsored my Korean goverment, they gave us 500 000won to group of 5 people. Trip have to applied through Ajou Global center or something like that. In return we had to experience Korean culture and write a report. Trip from Changwon to Jeonju took around 3 hours. My roommate’s father took me to first Masan and from there I head to Jeonju, tickets were around 14 000won.

In the bus I sat next to old Korean lady, she was happy and wasn’t anxious about me, usually people get akward around me. Anyways she gave me candies and smiled often when I tried to take pictures from moving bus. Before I step on the bus, I ask the bus drive did this bus to go Jeonju and other people heard that I spoke only English so before arriving to Jeonju, middle aged man poke me and probably tried to say in Korean that “this is your stop”. So helpful people. There was these funny mountains on my way to Jeonju.

I arrived to the Jeonju bus terminal and had to take a taxi to the train station, they are quite far from each other. I had to go to the train station because we agreed that we are going to meet there.

Jeonju is known for Moju, “real” bibimbap and old historical buildings. First we head to the village that we were going to stay for one night. It was really crowded when we arrived. There was some kind of festival going on.

Anyways we were getting hungry so we went to the bibimbap restaurant and I ordered tartar a.k.a. raw beef bibimbap. It wasn’t that traditional, but really tasty.

After eating we wanted to explore the area a bit. There was a museum so we visited there. Nothing much to see to be honest. Some old Korean instruments, building techniques, how to set Korean dining table etc.

While we were in the museum, we heard loud music coming outside. There was fashion show so we went there and enjoy it. Really interesting stuff I got to admit. There was outfits from movies, traditional styles and from anime/manga cartoons.

After fashion show we went old village and rented hambok Korean traditional clothes. We walked around with the clothes and took pictures. My phone was full of pictures and videos from Busan/Changwon so I don’t have a lot of pictures from Jeonju.

For dinner we ate some noodle soup. Everything in Korea that contains broth or soup are crazy hot ! It takes forever to cool down to decent temperature that human mouth can bear with. Same problem with hot beverages.

When we were done eating, we head back to guest house for small break and then went to some Media festival. Projectors light up whole old gate with different videos and stuff. After that we tried to look for midnight snack, but no luck with that. So we just head back to guest house and slept.

That’s all for now.

Kind regards,