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Monthly Archives: July 2016

Video !

Okay, here’s just some random clips I put together. Hope you enjoy it !

All of these are from Busan or while going to Busan. I visited Busan with my roommate and his friend. I have a two posts about that trip. Remember to check them out also. I will link the same video there.

1st post: Busan part 1

2nd post: Busan part 2

And the video itself below.

That’s all for now.

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One of the most romantic places in Seoul, Namsan Tower. We took a bus and bail out around Myeongdong and took a taxi from there to the tower. Taxi driver didn’t want to drive us to the walking path that lead to the tower. He wanted to take us to the cable carts so that was our only way up there.

We took a taxi around this building (pic above). Really cool design in my opinion. Anyways I should have recorded video from cable cart, but was too dark. My camera dies when it’s too dark. We took the cable cart, because we didn’t have other options. 3 minutes and you are there !

Color of the tower changes, but I like blue color so of course all of my pictures from this tower was when it was blue. There was also these metal “trees” and fences where people put their love locks. You can buy these locks from there, but of course with unreasonable overprice so if you want to do this, bring your own.

We got up there and it was crowded. A lot of tourists around the world come to see this view.

The view is amazing, unlike my camera as I said before. The city lights continued to the horizon. Felt like there’s no ending. Up in the tower there are souvenir shop, photograph stuff and restaurant if I remember correctly. Taxi to there was probably 7000won, cable cart 10000won and ticket to tower 10000won. These are just estimates. I recommend coming here when it’s dark because of the view.

It was getting late, so we head back to campus. On our way back I took this picture.

Cute lights on office building.

Anyways, that’s all for now.

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Food update

I have been eating a lot of different food. In Korea western food is really popular, even though most of them are really overpriced.

First one is raw salmon bibimbap. Veggies, rices, red spicy gojuchang sauce and salmon. Quite simple and healthy.

Bingsu ! Shaved ice, mangos, Ice cream, cheese and coconut milk. This the Korean king of desserts, especially in summer or hot date with girl.

Pizza. Everybody knows it. But in Korea American style pizzas are more popular. Thick crust and crazy amount of cheese. Most of them are tasteless and quite greasy. This was bit different. Ordered from Italian restaurant. Just the way I like it. Think crust, really salty cheese and nice fresh tomatoes. To sum up, most of Korean pizzas that are american styles are total disgrace. Most italian style are good. But I used to be a chef so I’m bit picky.

Japanese miso noodle soup. Japanese food in Korea are amazing. Especially if they look like this. Veggies, rich, full of flavors and greasy stock, noodles, perfectly cooked egg (raw yolk) and piece of fatty pork.

My Finnish friend and plate of chicken. Just basic deep fried chicken with sweet and hot sauce around it and tons of spring onions. This is really easy to approach, but you will get sick and tired of it really quickly. Perfect for sharing.

To be honest, I don’t even know what is this. Soup with beef, mushrooms and glass noodles serve with side dishes and rice. Soup was really mild, side dishes are mostly pickled stuff so vinegar and sugar or salt are the most common flavors and of course small kick of chili.

I recommend all of these, these are not even the best things I have eaten here, but these are the only ones I remember to take a picture.

But yeah, that’s all for now.

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Jeonju 2nd day

It has been really long time since I posted anything. I have been so busy with meeting new people and bit of travelling. Also I got sick so that took a lot of my energy to do anything.

Anyways let’s continue my adventures. This is from our guest house. Really cozy garden, where we enjoyed our breakfast. Quite basic breakfast, jam with bread and boiled eggs.

After done eating we packed our stuff and head to “painting” village. Nothing like Busan’s painting village, but still decent. These are getting more and more popular in Korea. They started to do it Jeju also, but we will come to Jeju bit later.

View from almost top of the “painting” village. This is the land of mountains.

As pictures might show, many tourists are here to see these things. It is kinda unique, because I think in Finland I never seen anything like this. People actually live in these buildings, so no littering, keep your voice down and everything will be okay.

After the village we head to center of the town and took a bus from there to Maisan. It is 1-2hours from the central area. The It is the weird looking mountain. For me they look like ancient volcanos. Before crazy climbing we ate lunch and left our luggages and extra stuff to local restaurant.

While walking there we saw this cool lake. There was paddle boats or whatever they are called. I wanted to do them, but our budget was really tight on this trip so nope.

Weather was actually quite decent for hiking these mountains. Korean people like hiking a lot. They wear full hiking gear and backpack full of food/drinks to survive whole day there. From kids to elder old people hike here. Elder people are really strong here, they hike up to the mountains and start drinking alcohol there. They usually drink makgeolli. It kinda like rice wine, but I wouldn’t call it wine though.

After walking a while we ran into this gate to that mountain area. The walls of the mountains looked like some magma stuff from volcanos. Nobody could actually confirm this info for us.

After passing this gate, there is a lot of these “cairns”. Korean people love stacking these stones to make this tower. It is something related to hope. These towers were claimed to be older than 800 years. There was also kinda like a temple where people could pray.

Hiking almost to the top is “easy”. There are decent stairs, but it is still quite tough. Crazy leg day. And rest of the route to the top is not appropriate of you don’t have good shoes, because the stairs ends like 100-200m before the top. I stopped when the stairs end, but old people just kept pushing them self to the top !

This is the highest I got, maybe around 500m.

This was our last destination. After this we head back to central area again and waited for our train to departure.

That’s all for now.

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