Food update

I have been eating a lot of different food. In Korea western food is really popular, even though most of them are really overpriced.

First one is raw salmon bibimbap. Veggies, rices, red spicy gojuchang sauce and salmon. Quite simple and healthy.

Bingsu ! Shaved ice, mangos, Ice cream, cheese and coconut milk. This the Korean king of desserts, especially in summer or hot date with girl.

Pizza. Everybody knows it. But in Korea American style pizzas are more popular. Thick crust and crazy amount of cheese. Most of them are tasteless and quite greasy. This was bit different. Ordered from Italian restaurant. Just the way I like it. Think crust, really salty cheese and nice fresh tomatoes. To sum up, most of Korean pizzas that are american styles are total disgrace. Most italian style are good. But I used to be a chef so I’m bit picky.

Japanese miso noodle soup. Japanese food in Korea are amazing. Especially if they look like this. Veggies, rich, full of flavors and greasy stock, noodles, perfectly cooked egg (raw yolk) and piece of fatty pork.

My Finnish friend and plate of chicken. Just basic deep fried chicken with sweet and hot sauce around it and tons of spring onions. This is really easy to approach, but you will get sick and tired of it really quickly. Perfect for sharing.

To be honest, I don’t even know what is this. Soup with beef, mushrooms and glass noodles serve with side dishes and rice. Soup was really mild, side dishes are mostly pickled stuff so vinegar and sugar or salt are the most common flavors and of course small kick of chili.

I recommend all of these, these are not even the best things I have eaten here, but these are the only ones I remember to take a picture.

But yeah, that’s all for now.

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| Author: Tam Tran