One of the most romantic places in Seoul, Namsan Tower. We took a bus and bail out around Myeongdong and took a taxi from there to the tower. Taxi driver didn’t want to drive us to the walking path that lead to the tower. He wanted to take us to the cable carts so that was our only way up there.

We took a taxi around this building (pic above). Really cool design in my opinion. Anyways I should have recorded video from cable cart, but was too dark. My camera dies when it’s too dark. We took the cable cart, because we didn’t have other options. 3 minutes and you are there !

Color of the tower changes, but I like blue color so of course all of my pictures from this tower was when it was blue. There was also these metal “trees” and fences where people put their love locks. You can buy these locks from there, but of course with unreasonable overprice so if you want to do this, bring your own.

We got up there and it was crowded. A lot of tourists around the world come to see this view.

The view is amazing, unlike my camera as I said before. The city lights continued to the horizon. Felt like there’s no ending. Up in the tower there are souvenir shop, photograph stuff and restaurant if I remember correctly. Taxi to there was probably 7000won, cable cart 10000won and ticket to tower 10000won. These are just estimates. I recommend coming here when it’s dark because of the view.

It was getting late, so we head back to campus. On our way back I took this picture.

Cute lights on office building.

Anyways, that’s all for now.

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| Author: Tam Tran