Finally better connection, now I can continue writing my blog !

Just a small update, the blog is really left behind from the real events of happenings, but anyways I got extension for my exchange, so I will be in Korea 10 months in total ! wohoo, okay back to the subject.

The Korean pop music festival in Ajou’s campus area ! The most amazing thing I ever saw. Parking lots were closet for student’s clubs to host their own “pub” tents. Different tents have their own stuff going on there. For example my friend belonged to Soul music club, so in their tent they played Soul music and the club members were serving beer, soju and snacks.

Campus area was filled with all the other tents/stalls, ice cream, cotton candy, shoe shop, sun glasses etc. Ajou really does know how to throw a party ! This festival lasted for three days, from wednesday to Friday. Sadly I had other travel plans on thrusday and Friday so I couldn’t enjoy the other days.

But I can tell you guys about the wednesday !

First there was students performing singing and dancing showcases and after that *apply drom roll*

Twice – One of the hottest K-pop girl groups open the show, performing cute songs and dances.

And then *bigger drum roll*

PSY, yes PSY !!! This guy is undoubtedly the most charismatic performer I ever seen ! He tried to speak English also, because he knew that exchange students were there also enjoying the festival. He was interacting with audience a lot and that’s what I loved about him. While he was singing in the stage, he dance with the background dancers and on the big screen was the subtitle for his songs so we could sing along ! But of course mainly in Korean, so better learn reading Korean before that.

The show was breathetaking ! I was so hyped, I jumped and danced like it was last day of my life. The atmosphere was unique. I thought I would never see this guy, but there he was, performing to us.

I will try to upload some videos, but my phone’s audio quality is really bad so I need proper tools to edit these videos and it might take awhile. In mean time, enjoy pictures !

Kind regards,