Jeju-do ! A.k.a. Jeju island part. 1

This is the place where everyone wants to go, even Korean people ! It is known for it’s beautiful nature. Many Korean wedding couples go to Jeju for honeymoon and photoshooting, but also Korean dramas shows different side of Jeju. In these dramas for example really rich guy who is cheating on his wife, takes his secret lover here.

Flight tickets to Jeju island is really cheap in my opinion, it was only 80 000 – 100 000won and it takes around one hour to get there. When if you are going to Jeju, make sure to reserve things few weeks earlier. It is hard to get good guesthouses and cheap flight tickets if you decide to go there spontaniously.

The flight left from Gimpo airport. It is smaller airport near Seoul. From Ajou it is quite easy to get to airport, since there’s airport bus terminal in end of Ajou street. Bus tickets are around 10 000won all around. My friends and I were scared of the traffic jam, so we decided to go bit earlier, but it only took us 1,5h hours to get there. When we got there, we went to wrong terminal and almost missed our fligh, so pay attention where does the flight leaves, Gimpo airport has international terminal and domestic.

In Jeju, they speak Korean language according to many sources, but I heard even for Korean native who lives on mainland has troubles to understand Jeju dialect. It is kinda like their own language, because some words means different things there.

Our plans was to go from North to west and there to south and to the east, Counter clockwise. But because we didn’t find anything interesting for us in west, we just decided just to watch the view from the bus while it drove near coastline to the south.

But before we set off from airport, we went for Korean barbeque and eat black pork. Many Koreans says that it is somehow more delicious than normal pork. I didn’t see anything different about their meats, it was just overly expensive. Normally Korean barbeque for one cost around 10 000won, but this black pork cost 30 000won ! Well atleast we got our bellies full.

After heavy lunch it was perfect to take long bus ride to the south. The weather was perfect when we arrived to Jeju. Little bit too hot, but still nice. Sun was shining, it was like going for a holiday to some exotic place.

Bus ride to south was nice. Calm driver what is more rare than seeing unicorn. There was other tourists or exchange students in the bus. On our way to south, to be exact Seogwipo the view was amazing. So many mountains and a lot of trees. Sometimes you could see also palm trees also.

On our way to guesthouse where we are staying for two days, there was a lot of museums and nice hotels. For example there was african museum, Ripley’s believe it or not museum or some kind of sex museum. My friend went to the sex museum and told us it was not worth it. As he said “European sex toy shop is a lot more better”.

Let’s continue about Jeju to next post !

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