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my name is Tam Tran, soon 24 years old and I am second year student of Information and Communications Technology at JAMK, University of Applied Sciences. Right now i’m thinking about to specialise in programming and computer security.

My hobbies are airsoft and pc-gaming. Other things that interest me is cars and food.

Summary of exchange program

Wow, I don’t know even where to start ! It has been amazing opportunity to travel and study abroad. Few weeks before leaving to Korea I was really scared and stressed out about whole travelling. I never travelled alone before and I don’t have much travel experience anyways. I was also scared of the new […]

briefly Jeju part 2

Finally arrived to our guesthouse in Seogwipo. It was Chinese owned guesthouse. We got the big VIP room, it was kinda like apartment, 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, which is nice. Because I went travel with 2 females as a only male in the group, this was the most convenient and most appropriate to all […]

Jeju-do ! A.k.a. Jeju island part. 1

This is the place where everyone wants to go, even Korean people ! It is known for it’s beautiful nature. Many Korean wedding couples go to Jeju for honeymoon and photoshooting, but also Korean dramas shows different side of Jeju. In these dramas for example really rich guy who is cheating on his wife, takes […]


Finally better connection, now I can continue writing my blog ! Just a small update, the blog is really left behind from the real events of happenings, but anyways I got extension for my exchange, so I will be in Korea 10 months in total ! wohoo, okay back to the subject. The Korean pop […]

Break from blogging

I had to go back to Finland for short period and I don’t have stable internet connection to upload anything so I have to have a small break from blogging, unless something else comes up. Kind regards, Tam

Video !

Okay, here’s just some random clips I put together. Hope you enjoy it ! All of these are from Busan or while going to Busan. I visited Busan with my roommate and his friend. I have a two posts about that trip. Remember to check them out also. I will link the same video there. […]


One of the most romantic places in Seoul, Namsan Tower. We took a bus and bail out around Myeongdong and took a taxi from there to the tower. Taxi driver didn’t want to drive us to the walking path that lead to the tower. He wanted to take us to the cable carts so that […]

Food update

I have been eating a lot of different food. In Korea western food is really popular, even though most of them are really overpriced. First one is raw salmon bibimbap. Veggies, rices, red spicy gojuchang sauce and salmon. Quite simple and healthy. Bingsu ! Shaved ice, mangos, Ice cream, cheese and coconut milk. This the […]

Jeonju 2nd day

It has been really long time since I posted anything. I have been so busy with meeting new people and bit of travelling. Also I got sick so that took a lot of my energy to do anything. Anyways let’s continue my adventures. This is from our guest house. Really cozy garden, where we enjoyed […]

From Busan to Jeonju

After spending two days in Busan/Changwon I took a bus to Jeonju. Trip to Jeonju was sponsored my Korean goverment, they gave us 500 000won to group of 5 people. Trip have to applied through Ajou Global center or something like that. In return we had to experience Korean culture and write a report. Trip […]