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my name is Tam Tran, soon 24 years old and I am second year student of Information and Communications Technology at JAMK, University of Applied Sciences. Right now i’m thinking about to specialise in programming and computer security.

My hobbies are airsoft and pc-gaming. Other things that interest me is cars and food.


After Gamcheon we went to see the Nurimaru APEC house. APEC stands for “Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation“. Anyways, this is the big place where big learders gather and make decisions etc. It is free and opening hours are 10-17/10am – 5pm. On our way to APEC house we saw really nice cars, it’s a shame that […]

Long time no post again

To begin with, I want to apologize about my last post. It was quite harsh, I was little frustrated due quiz and team projects. Okay, back to my adventures. I went to Busan and Changwon with my roommate, He invited me to his home. It was one of the best experience that one can have […]

Random post

Haven’t done anything special after the Itaewon and Han river. Reason for that is we had mid-term exams, most of them went well in my opinion except one. I got 10/10 in English composition 1 and 57,5 or 58/60 in English Conversation 2. Korean quiz was 48/50, but my own major’s course was 30/100, Domain […]

Itaewon and Han-river

My friends and I decided to get something else to eat, rather than Korean food. For this reason we head to Itaewon. Itaewon is known for being full of foreign people and restaurants. They have basic brunch and kebab places, oh I miss kebab so much ! Starter soup, bit creamy and sweet sea soup. […]


Oh man, times flies indeed, already halfway through. This experience has opened my eyes wide open. Enjoying the little things, experience other cultures and growing mentally. Now when I look back to see what kinda person I was, I feel so embarrassed. Everytime I have a conversation with exchange students or local people, they will […]

Time flies

boy the time flies. It’s been over a week since my last post. I’ve been really busy, trying to study for the mid-terms and few field trips happened etc. There’s always something to do and everyone asking you to go with them everywhere. I already wrote about that I took this Domain analysis and design […]

Writing something to keep me awake in the class

I’m in really bring class and really tired. Korean lectures are mostly teacher speaking 1,5h in row and memorizing all the things. There’s no interacting with students, really rarely, unless it is foreign teacher (not korean and not old grumpy). Also you have attend on every class, some Korean teachers takes it personally if you […]

Long time no post, sorry for that

I have been ill for 3 weeks now, that’s why I haven’t post anything for awhile. Haven’t been or done anything special. My friends and I went to gangnam one day by bus, it took little more than an hour and cost something like 5000won. Everybody was talking that we should go there for shopping. […]

Posting something because I feel like it

Friends and I were at Seoul for this one weekend, because ISN organization threw a party for all the exchange students. Of course we wanted to see that party, expecting Hi-end club with good music and many floors. We went to Seoul by Bus and there to Hongdae by subway. I don’t know how much […]

First week behind

Our first school week started 2nd(wed) of March, nothing special to mention. All the teachers just handed us the syllabus of the course and told some critical information, just the basic stuff when a new course starts. Things I noticed during the first week. Firstly, I noticed that learning Korean language is challenging, atleast for […]