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Daily Archives: 23.6.2011

Last night!

So, the time has come. Semester has ended and today was the day of the farewell party. Maybe I’m a cold person, but I found the most moving thing to be the food (it was DELICIOUS). Nah, seriously. I’m gonna miss the people here. Especially the Indonesians, who are the most warm and happy people I’ve ever met. I wish I was Indonesian. I want to bee as big person as they are.

Yes, I’m going to miss YOU, too. (At least if I know you by face.) But not that much. I know I’m gonna meet the most important people again and the world is so small nowadays. Generally this feeling I have right now is happy and a bit anxious – I need to travel again! I’ve been still for too long. Also, I’m happy to leave this weather behind. An arctic bitch like me is not meant to hot and humid weather. And I miss Finnish summer and Finnish food – and my family and my friends.

I’ve packed my stuff like eight times and thrown away stuff on every round. I don’t know how many kilos I have now, but certainly more than the 9.4 kilos I came here with. How do I know – I already sent home 17.8 kilos of souvenirs. And now I have my bass and some clothes I bought from Taiwan. Still I think I’m traveling kinda light. Lookie:

Things I’m gonna miss:

  • Food
  • People
  • Cheap food and alcohol
  • School convenience stores
  • Home delivery scooters
  • GLEE
  • Public transportation
  • T-money
  • Some studies
  • Campus
  • Hongdae
  • Pretty guys
  • Good manners

Things I’m not gonna miss:

  • Gangnam’s non-marked bus stops.
  • Ajou printing system (Can someone please hint the IT dept. about printing credits and network printers?) For next years students I recommend buying a cheap communal printer…
  • Inefficient queues for 7000 and 7001 in Sadang. How come the bus stop is right in front of the subway exit. I bet it would help a lot to move it 30 meters further and paint the queue lines to the ground like they do in Taiwan. But of course no-one asked me even though I have the perfect solution. For future students I recommend learning to say 7001 and 7-and-three-zeros, as most Koreans seem to say it, in Korean. Helps a lot when you need to figure out if you are in the right line or not.
  • Anorectic people.
  • Overworking inefficiently.
  • Caring only about money and looks.
  • Humid weather. And I know it’s just the beginning.
  • Internet Explorer.

But oh well, I still have a couple of days left. Tomorrow (today to be exact) I’m leaving for Busan, from where I’m taking KTX to Incheon on Sunday morning. Busan, here I come!

Thank you everyone. It was a great semester! Bye Ajou!