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Farewell party

We had my farewell party yesterday, combined with my new flat mates’ house warming party.  Thanks, all you who participated. Too bad I couldn’t talk with you all as much as I wanted. Leave me your address in the comments or email/facebook it, and I’ll send you all the weird and questionable postcards I can find.

I would post some pictures from the party, but for some reason there appears to be Kim Jong-il in every single one, shadowing my bright future in S.Korea. And posting pictures of him would be, if not entirely inappropriate, at least tasteless. Right? I’ll post some on /b/.

Also, as we played spin the bottle last night, I was dared to tag a set phrase in five different locations around S.Korea, and as the code of netizens says: “Pic, or didn’t happen.” I’ll hide the evidence somewhere here and there.

Sour starters

Hey! North Korea just bombed South Korea today. Way to go, North Korea…

Anyhow, I don’t believe the North actually has the power or money to start the war, or that South and West have the will to engage themselves in a war. Especially, considering the economic situation in Europe and how China doesn’t want to have part in this mess.

Well, I still have some more months before I’m supposed to go there. And like my dad said: “Well, didn’t Aarne Tanninen (Finnish reporter and correspondent) also go all the places where something was going on?”