(merkit hukassa)

Adventures in Korea

Why Korea?

I got interested in Korean pop music a couple of years ago. I was following Japanese pop culture more or less regularly and somehow bumped onto Koreans. The ruthless commercial approach made a huge impression on me and they actually do produce nice electronic dance beats. It was also nice to follow their marketing tactics and big entertainment companies produced really good music videos (compared to the American music videos at that time). A big bonus was: I didn’t have the slightest idea of what were they singing. It made listening easier. Probably ridiculous crap. Be as it might, pop music was the reason I applied when I found out we had a partner university in Korea.

At the moment I couldn’t be less interested in Kpop but I’m excited nevertheless: Korea is a world leader in technology! They make or design most of our phones, computers, air conditioners, ships, cars… you name it. They also have advanced public transportation technology and information networks, so on behalf of my studies and personal interest: I CAN’T WAIT!