Awesome Korean Adventures

Living and engineering like never before

Back to School

Believe it or not, I have been studying in Korea as well, hence the title exchange student. Like every other exchange student here, I ended up switching up a lot of the courses I had picked earlier. Not only that, but somehow I ended up with more credits than before. Getting credits here is a cakewalk compared to Finland anyway. Unfortunately, I had to drop some of the more academic courses due to them overlapping each other. That said, I’m happy with my selection of courses overall, because all of the professors on my courses are really funny and more or less knowledgeable. I think JAMK could use a change of teachers as well. Just keep Pasi.


My one and only computer-related course, Distributed System Design, is taught by a Finnish professor. Thus, torilla tavataan. In this course, we have both theoretical classes as well as labs where we complete programming tasks using the Java programming language. I have only used C++ and C# before so the switch to Java was very sudden, especially since the course is for third year students. Still, I can handle it. Programming tasks used to be too easy anyway, and I’m not almost falling asleep in class like on Käyttöliittymä ja käytettävyys -course.

Ever wanted to know what it feels like to sit in a class having no idea what the teacher is saying? Welcome to Korean Language 2, the course where the only thing that the teacher can say in English is niceu. She also calls me Samuel Markusy. I honestly have no idea what she is saying most of the time because she speaks so fast and with a dialect. At least the grammar seems very basic. After glancing through the book, I didn’t find any grammatical principles that I didn’t already know, only some words. Although, if I was a complete beginner I wouldn’t learn much in the class, which sucks for those who are.


I also play tenisy now. The course is completely in Korean so I just copy what the Koreans do while acting like I understand what the professor is saying. That said, I did understand when he said we had to buy our own racketsy. My Korean friend, Jay, also said that the professor thought I was very good. Although my technique is garbage compared to everyone else, I can hit the ball well enough and it works. We haven’t actually played any tennis yet, but it’s still pretty fun just training the techniques.