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Midterm is Coming

The midterm week is finally here. Because of that, normal classes are cancelled and everyone is getting ready for their exams. Lauri will be going to Hong Kong which means that I’ll be pretty much on my own here for this weekend. That’s fine, because I need some time after my last exam and I still have another one to do and an essay to finish. Many courses only have a final exam so my midterm is not too bad.

As for me, I already finished two of my three exams at the beginning of the midterms. The Korean language exam was easier than taking eyeliner from a Korean guy. It literally took less than 15 minutes to finish the exam and the teacher was actually helping us to do it. Quite frankly, understanding the teacher’s spoken Korean is far more difficult than any exam she could throw at us. On the other hand, however, I had Business Statistics and Data Analysis and Stuff -exam. For some godforsaken reason, we had to do the exam in an auditorium where the desk was smaller than the 10 page paper we used for the exam. On top of that, I also needed a cheat sheet with all the formulas and a calculator, so doing the exam was almost as uncomfortable as the chairs we sat on.

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Realizing that it’s getting colder on the weekend, I decided to go shopping for clothes. Instead, I ended up buying everything but that. First, I went to Lotte Mart again since there was some kind of festival with flowers and other stuff. I’ve noticed that there is always some kind of event going on somewhere, and I’m not sure the Koreans themselves know what it’s about. Anyway, I bought all sorts of random things, and went to Lotte outlets afterwards. There was one huge floor of men’s clothes. Although the prices were extremely low, there was not a lot of variety. Also, each little shop had some guy standing around waiting for customers so I wasn’t able to just look around. What’s more, they only spoke Korean, even though I’m the whitest guy in town.

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Right now, I’m chilling on my own at the dormitory. Since Lauri went to Hong Kong and I have time, I’ve been practicing my rhythm game skills and somehow I ended up also studying Chinese. It’s surprisingly easy compared to Korean or Japanese in terms of grammar. The tones, however, are not for the uninitiated. Although being on my own makes many things easier, I also like having Lauri here. I must’ve grown used to having him around. Normally, we would talk every day and play badminton or go to the gym quite often as well. I haven’t seen Jasmine either but she promised to make me Chinese food tomorrow. I can’t wait for that. Certainly, I should brush up on my babocheoreom way of using chopsticks.

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