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Eaternational Day


The day we’ve all been waiting for was finally here, the so called International Day. I couldn’t wait to not wear the Finnish national costume for the occasion. Deciding to check out the festival area after school, I went to class as usual. To our surprise and joy, the teacher told us that we are going to be doing some “research” at the International Day area instead, and so the class was dismissed. He told us that if he sees us at the site, it counts as attending the class. With that, wearing my fresh from-the-oven Ajou university jacket, I headed for the festival area.

p1000494  p1000495

The festival area was located on a field of grass near the borders of the school. Each participating country was represented by a booth, where the exchange students showcased and sold food, drink, snacks and other miscellaneous things. Many people spent the whole preceding night cooking for the event for a chance at winning one of the prizes. Ajou had prepared awards for the best booth, best food and the best performance. Of course, Finland was the only country with no booth since we were too lazy to put in any effort. Unfortunately, I am not Savonian enough to be able to make fish-rooster. Although I bet people would have been disgusted beyond belief, if we showcased some good old mämmi.

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At first glance, I noticed the biggest crowd in recent history in front of the USA booth. I have yet to know what they were offering, however, since I opted not to wait in line. I only know that they had a million US flags hanging from the side of the stall, which is to be expected at this point. Little did they know about the upcoming elections. I guess since there’s a million of them here, the Chinese people actually had two booths. Instead of waiting in line for the US booth, I unwisely got myself a cup of totally-not-spicy Chinese food. Jasmine warned me about it but the other guy told me not to worry. Although I couldn’t distinguish the ingredients, she told me that it was “some fish stuff”. Well, as it turns out, the stuff was pretty spicy. That said, I managed to suck it up, literally, as we headed for the next booth.

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Next up, I wanted to see what the Uzbekistani guys were cooking. However, there was an intense cloud of smoke coming from over there. So instead, we spent the rest of the time walking around, chatting and taking pictures. I bought a plate of the Nepali food, which was really great in my opinion, and it seemed like Jasmine thought so as well. Interestingly enough, the Swedish guys were actually selling snus. And some kötbullarna. Evidently, everyone hated the liquorice at the Denmark booth. Only European things, it must be.

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Before leaving, we went to the voting area. I peer pressuredly cast my vote for China and of course Nepal for their food. Lauri also appeared there in his burgundy overalls and green sunglasses. What an unlikely combination, I must say. After the event, there were all these cool performances and of course the award ceremony. And we missed it because we misread the schedule.