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Monthly Archives: December 2016

Fresh Out of Mornings

I just experienced the best feeling in the world. I’m talking about the feeling when you select all folders related to school work and press delete. I’m all but finished with my studies at Ajou University and Korea too, since there’s only a couple more days left of my exchange student life. Living here feels like living a completely different life. It’s like time has stopped in my other life, even though that’s not the case. In Finland, I’ll go back to cooking and cleaning by myself and back to the cold, but I’ll also have my friends and family close.

The past few weeks have been super busy. Even though the exam results don’t really matter, since we only get an S-mark, I still wanted to try my best. Since I’m grateful to JAMK and ASEM-Duo fellowship for this opportunity, I feel like I have an obligation to do well. The teachers haven’t updated the course results so I’m not 100% certain on my Korean language 2 final exam, but other than that, it should be alright.

At this point, it’s no exaggeration that coming here has changed my life. Not only did I learn about foreign cultures and people but I also have a newfound appreciation for my own country. I think Korea is a great country, but honestly, I won’t miss it. I’m gladly going back to Finland. Still it was worth it to come here and I think everyone should try student exchange if they have any interest in it. Now to packing and getting ready to go back!

The Final Spurt


Right now, I’m knee-deep in school work. In Distributed System Design, we are making a browser-based weather application. It uses weather data from Foreca and Open Weather Map and shows the data to the user. There’s a lot of work because I’m working with both JavaScript and Java programming languages. Since I’m the only one who can do the client-side of the project, I have to also use basic web technologies and learn the Thymeleaf template in order to make the client work. Not only that, but creating the client means that I must manage the client to server communication too. Of course, I’m also working with Lauri who is writing the code for different parts of the application, so we have to communicate what each of us needs the other to do.

etg42bt-min  img_20161001_182830875-min

As for the Business Statistics course, it’s not getting any easier. Since my teammates are seemingly handicapped, I have to do each assignment by myself. That said, it doesn’t matter because I need to learn these things anyway. After some strenuous calculations, I realized that I need around a 57/100 mark or higher from the final exam to reject the null hypothesis… I mean pass to pass the course. It should be doable but not easy by any means. In comparison, the other courses should be easy to pass.

xn2yct3-min  img_20161001_185106334-min

In Korea, there are a lot of cafes. Then there are also animal cafes. Specifically, in the crowded area of Gangnam, there is a place called “Cat Attic”, which, you can guess, is a cat café. When I went there the first time with Lauri, there was a chubby cat with a smug look on it’s face waiting for us at the gate. The entrance fee included one drink of choice. Since it was the first item on the list, I picked an Americano. Frankly, Korean coffee is nothing like it is in Finland. Anyway, it was nap time for the cats so not many of them were on the move. The sleeping cats still looked cute so I took pictures. One of the cats, a dark brown one, sat unmoving on my lap for a good half an hour. Still, my favourite one was the huge black cat, which had a mane of hair, almost resembling a lion.

img_20161001_182156914-min  img_20161001_182147400-min

We went to a dog café, and raccoon café as well. Yes, raccoon. The dogs were not as exciting though, mostly just smelly and very loud. The staff had to constantly clean the place of urine and god knows what else. On the other hand, the dogs were a lot more active than the cats, reason being the food that people were giving them. The raccoons were pretty cool too but they were more like a mascot of the café.

img_20161029_150304695-min  img_20161029_142244527-min

Last week there was a concert on the campus. The performers were the Suwon Philharmonic Orchestra. Jasmine wanted to go, since she likes the classical music, and I tagged along since the tickets were free anyway. That night, the Jonghap Hall auditorium was packed with people. Despite that, I didn’t see many exchange students there; most of the audience were Koreans. I had never been to a concert like that before, so I didn’t know what to expect. The conductor of the orchestra seemed full of energy as he was jumping around in a funny way. All the while the other members of the orchestra were busy with their instruments. Even from close up, their fingers were going too fast for the eye to see. On top of that, there were also two singers with powerful voices. They were singing extremely loud and fast, but still, it seemed as though they never had to take breath.

796fe437-f331-4046-a59e-a29bf74144c9  img_20161029_152439729-min