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Fresh Out of Mornings

I just experienced the best feeling in the world. I’m talking about the feeling when you select all folders related to school work and press delete. I’m all but finished with my studies at Ajou University and Korea too, since there’s only a couple more days left of my exchange student life. Living here feels […]

The Final Spurt

  Right now, I’m knee-deep in school work. In Distributed System Design, we are making a browser-based weather application. It uses weather data from Foreca and Open Weather Map and shows the data to the user. There’s a lot of work because I’m working with both JavaScript and Java programming languages. Since I’m the only […]

Korea vs Finland

“What do you think of Korea? How is it different than Finland?”, some people have asked me. Although Korean and Finnish people have things in common, such as politeness and quietness, there are many differences between the two countries and their people. Honestly, I find myself thinking more highly of Finland after spending more time […]

Eaternational Day

The day we’ve all been waiting for was finally here, the so called International Day. I couldn’t wait to not wear the Finnish national costume for the occasion. Deciding to check out the festival area after school, I went to class as usual. To our surprise and joy, the teacher told us that we are […]

Halfway Home

As the midterm comes to a close, I pass the halfway stage of my exchange period here in Korea. So far, I’ve learned much about other cultures, things that I both like and dislike. Esp ecially regarding dormitory life, I only knew what I had seen in movies or games. I’ve also met great people […]

Midterm is Coming

The midterm week is finally here. Because of that, normal classes are cancelled and everyone is getting ready for their exams. Lauri will be going to Hong Kong which means that I’ll be pretty much on my own here for this weekend. That’s fine, because I need some time after my last exam and I […]

Just Korean Things

The most well-known attraction here in Suwon, is the Hwaseong Fortress. My family was visiting here for the week so we decided to go there together. We all wanted to see the #1 sight-seeing attraction. Apparently, there was some culture festival going on so the streets were filled with people, mostly Koreans. Nevertheless, we regrouped […]

Back to School

Believe it or not, I have been studying in Korea as well, hence the title exchange student. Like every other exchange student here, I ended up switching up a lot of the courses I had picked earlier. Not only that, but somehow I ended up with more credits than before. Getting credits here is a […]

Out of This World

”Have a good one” said the professor as the final class came to a close and the high-spirited students rushed out full of hopes and dreams. Chuseok, or Mid-Autumn Festival, they call it. Originally a major harvest festival dedicated to honouring the dead, it is nowadays more about spending time with your family and eating […]

Body and Seoul

Seoul trip! On our first weekend here after the orientation period ended, the Ajou buddy people arranged different kinds of teams and schedules for a sightseeing trip to Seoul. I went with Team B which is led by my overly energetic buddy Park Soo-Hwang or Dave. By the way, Asian people have these English names […]